“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”― William Arthur Ward

Faculty and Staff:

Skokie Institute of Allied Health and Technology, is proud to have faculty and staff members who work in Administration as well as teach, due to their several years of experience in teaching and in the field of Fitness, Nutrition and Allied Health.

  • Dr. Bela Khizer, PEd, MPH: Dr. Bela Khizer is also the Executive Director of the Institution. Dr. Khizer has 15 years experience in the field of allied health, Fitness and Nutrition. She has taught programs and managed programs as a Director/Program Director of Allied Health and Medical Assisting Programs in private vocational colleges before starting her position as the ED. Dr. Khizer manages the Fitness and Nutrition/Wellness Coach Programs, and teaches some classes in Pharmacy Technician, Medical Billing and Neurophysiology Technician,  and also teaches them. Courses in the first term and second term depending on the program are taught by her. Due to her expertise in the field of education Dr. Khizer has been interviewed by CMA magazine of AAMA and interviewed by Voyage Chicago, her interview can be read here: Voyage Chicago.

  • Ms. Margaret Banks: Ms. Margaret Banks is the Dean of Admissions and Academics. Ms. Banks has 20  years experience as a Healthcare Billing Manager in regional pharmacies as well as teaching in the field of allied health as Medical Billing and Coding Instructor. Ms. Banks has also managed Medical Administrative and Coding Programs as Department Chair before starting her position as the Academic Dean at this institution. Ms. Banks teaches the 2-4th terms in the Medical Billing and Insurance Specialist Program. Ms. Banks also has expertise in Admissions process and has experience in outreach. She works closely with WIOA to inform them of our programs and is always ready to help students who need assistance in career training.

  • Dr. Wasif Sheikh, MD, CNIM: Dr. Wasif Sheikh is the Medical Director for our Neurophysiology Program. Dr. Wasif has 15 years experience in the field of Neurophysiology. He is currently working as  Neurophysiologist and has contributed to research work in this field affiliated with different hospitals in NJ. Dr. Sheikh has also courses in the field of Sonography and Vascular Sonography along with Medical Billing, Pharmacy Technician and Medical Assisting Programs. Dr. Wasif has also presented at Neurophysiology Society meetings.

-Tavaneipour, K; Sheikh, W; Lipson, A Improvement in Motor Evoked Potential (TcMEP) as a Predictor for Clinical Improvement in Neurological Exam after Decompression of the Cervical or Thoracic Spinal Cord, 3/16


-Ward M, Sheikh W, Mammis, A. Corresponding Physiologic Recordings with Dorsal Root Ganglion Electrode Placement. Accepted for presentation at: International Neuromodulation Society 5/17

In addition to the Administration SIAHT has online support representative to help them when needed.

  • Online Support:  Students who email/ or call the institution are greeted by our Online Support Specialist Jenny Samuel who then introduces them further to their programs of interest, and also helps students with issues related to their programs.

Administration and Faculty:


Phone:  (847) 461-3985


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