Transcript Request Processes:

Our graduates can contact the institution and request a transcript if they require.

The fee for transcript request is: $15.00 if they are being picked up in person by the student.

We require  an appointment and an ID/DL to be shown if a student representative comes in to pick up the transcript along with a written letter from the student that states that the student has okayed the representative to pick up their transcript.

Student gets the free transcript with their graduation package.

Expedited requests must be paid in person and the fee is $20.00, in that situation student will fill out the form and then pay for the transcript in person upon collecting his/her transcript.

The form to request the Transcript is:

Job Placement:

We help our graduates and current students in Job Placement. We provide it free of service, a $500 value that is free of charge. Students can come back for consultation once they graduate in assistance with job placement, updates to resume, interview techniques. We are happy to help. The students create a free profile in membership page: Member Profile The ED keeps a record and sends them job leads.

Certification Exams

Graduate students can also come back to give their certification/credential exams. The institution will not charge them for the certification exam as it's included in the tuition. Students do need to let the Executive Director know and she can discuss it with the Billing department. Students can use the contact form below:

Graduate Contact Form:

Phone:  (847) 461-3985


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