A vibrant interactive learning experience:

For any questions related to mySIAHT please contact,

Online LMS is also the source for hosting live sessions for our students. The students complete their assignments and discussions/chat assignments, midterm and final exam via our platform. The platform is customized to our institutions needs and students provided with tablets also have the app to work on the go.

Student Learning Management Systemtem(LMS):

Online Student portal provides with information on classes and transcripts, and a platform to interact with instructors if needed. Tuition pay and balance are also provided via student portal/accounts. Students also sign in/out for classes via the portal. Students receive emails with password that allows them to access their information without dependency on institution:

Student Portal:

Faculty, staff and students can submit a request to support by going to:

Your tickets will be answered within 1 business day (24 hours) and 48 hours if submitted during the weekend.

IT and customer/student support

Students are given a way to direct message the instructor and their classmates via flock communication.

The students use their student accounts and when needed contact the instructor directly. The students can download the iOS and/or Android app and use the web version.

Student Direct Messaging and communication

Students school emails is provided to them after filling out enrollment agreement.The purpose is to help students get access to free Microsoft apps that helps them with completing their assignments and contact the institution if needed. The apps are also used for in-class time to interact and listen to the instructor.

Student Web Mail:

Students can get help with free typing training included with their classes free of charge. SIAHT helps students if they need typing training or want to improve or learn typing. The application is available to them while in school:

The student needs to contact ED and she will provide them with access and credentials.

Free Typing Training:

SIAHT has an online library for its students.

The students when register for programs are able to access online library for their study needs.

The link is:

The students are added as members in the library by the ED and provided with their credentials.

Online Library

Phone:  (847) 461-3985


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