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We also provide with non-credit remedial courses. The courses are for professionals who are looking to increase their credibility and gain professional development.  These workshops are prep classes that prepare the students for their professional exams.

Minimum Requirement:

  • High-school GED or diploma

  • Minimum Associates or Bachelor's degree in their field.

  • Resume to show current work experience in the field.

  • The experience should be 6 months-1 year full-time or 1-2 years parking part-time in their field of study.

  • Approval from the PMI and/or IIBA to sit for the exams.


The Project Management Professional(PMP)® is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. You can find PMPs leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a geography or domain, the PMP® is truly global.
Project Management Professional (PMP)
certification is an industry recognized credential for project managers. PMP
demonstrates the experience, education, skill and competency required to lead and direct projects. PMP
is the most sought after certification administered by
Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

The students take the following in the 12 weeks:

  • Project Management Professional-1

  • Project Management Professional-II


Business analysts help companies and organizations identify problems and develop solutions .Business analysts are a subset of management analysts that work with organizations to identify different problems within business structures and help to develop solutions. They use a variety of tools and techniques, from interviewing employees to analyzing documents and data,to find out what issues may be present.

The students can sit for the BA exam once they complete the workshop.

The student takes the following in the 18 weeks course

  • Business Analyst Professional-I

  • Business Analyst Professional-II

For more information on our courses, rates and availability, for our non-credit remedial courses, feel free to contact us. The courses are not meant to provide with a professional career but only to improve the students skills that help them in their current field and career.  We follow a schedule of 6-12 weeks and the academic calendar for the courses can be received through admissions staff. In order to find out about the tuition for these courses please contact us. Our workshops are online but are instructor led courses.

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